Analysis of Health Alcoholic Beverage Industry

Currently, with the evolving concepts of health, people’s desire for better health is growing stronger. Accordingly, the alcoholic beverage industry is undergoing continuous transformation, and the trend of healthy drinking has become a new development focus in the market. Currently, China’s health alcoholic beverage industry is experiencing a flourishing production and sales situation. In 2022, the production of health wine reached 953,800 kiloliters, with demand reaching 910,000 kiloliters. It is expected that in 2023, the production of health wine will increase to 974,000 kiloliters, and demand will rise to 934,000 kiloliters. To better meet the evolving needs of consumers, many alcohol retailers are exploring new sales methods. For instance, they are integrating alcoholic beverages with nutritional health products, offering products like white spirits and beer along with nutritional supplements for hangover relief and liver protection. Additionally, collaborations with pharmacies and health product stores are being initiated to introduce low-alcohol beverages with health benefits, containing natural ingredients or herbal plants. (Source: New Nutriton Business)

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