New Hope Launches Ready-To-Eat Probiotic Product “Junxiaofang”

On March 14, Molecular Strength Company, a subsidiary of New Hope Dairy, recently cooperated with the Sichuan Provincial Key Laboratory of Dairy Nutrition and Function to jointly launch the new “JunXiaoFang” ready-to-eat probiotic product, including two products: “Light Blue Recipe” and “Intestinal Green Recipe”. According to reports, the new product is the first innovative functional product of Molecular Strength Company. It uses 4 strains and has a patent number and a preservation number, and is included in China CGMCC and the United States ATCC. Among them, each can of Light Blue Recipe contains 20 billion CFU probiotics and 400% high dietary fiber; each can of Intestinal Green Recipe contains 40 billion CFU probiotics and 400% high dietary fiber. Both products can be eaten dry or paired with drinks, salads, desserts, etc. The new product has been put on Tmall and Douyin flagship stores, with a minimum price of 108 yuan/box. (Source: Foodaily)

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