First Quarter 2024 Health Food Registration Information

In the first quarter of 2024, a total of 153 products received health food registration documents, all of which were domestically produced. Among the approved products of the quarter, 15 products were dual health care functions, accounting for 9.8% of the total number of products. The functions were mainly to alleviate physical fatigue and resist hypoxia, followed by improving chloasma, enhancing immunity, and resisting hypoxia and enhancing immunity. There were 138 products with a single health care function, accounting for 90.2% of the total number of products. The approved functions of these products from high to low were maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, improving bone density, controlling body fat, improving chloasma, clearing throats, enhancing immunity, and resisting hypoxia.

In the approved products, solid formulations accounted for 91.5%, and capsules (including soft and hard capsules) accounted for 48.4%. The highest number of dosage forms were hard capsules, tablets, soft capsules, other dosage forms and granules, liquid formulations, and powders. Five new materials were added to the health food ingredients directory in 2023, namely soy protein isolate, whey protein, ginseng, American ginseng and ganoderma lucidum.

With the implementation of the “Health Food Function Inspection and Evaluation Methods (2023 Edition)” on August 31, 2023, it is believed that in the near future, there will be more function-related products getting registration approval. (Source: FoodMate)

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