Functional Food Science R&D Company “Ultima Lab” Receives Financing

On April 16, Ultima Lab, owned by Shanghai Julstone Biotechnology Co., Ltd., completed nearly  1.57 million USD in seed round financing. This round was completed by Changsi Fund and the former founders of Perfect Diary. Its Ultra High Pressure Processing (UHPP) technology not only shortens the extraction time of raw materials and reduces energy consumption, but also enhances the effectiveness of the raw materials. Currently, Ultima Lab has already launched two products, namely Ultima Lab “Xiao Blue Pill” for the male liver protection market and Ultima Lab “Mysterious Treasure of Bacchus” for the alcohol market. Within just three months, it has won over many “repeat customers”. At the end of April, Ultima Lab’s “Joyful Pink Spirit” PS water milk thistle yeast tablet for the female emotion and liver protection market is also set to be launched. (Source: 36Kr)

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