Dajiang Biotech Enters Into Strategic Partnership with BioAstin

BioAstin®’s natural astaxanthin comes from the globally leading microalgae company, Cyanotech Corporation, an American listed company. Cyanotech Corporation has the world’s largest production base for high-quality, rare rain-grown Haematococcus and Spirulina in Hawaii and is a world leader in natural astaxanthin technology. Dajiang Biotech, together with Bio Astin, has obtained the exclusive selling rights to astaxanthin raw materials in mainland China. According to the official introduction, astaxanthin has higher thermal stability than vitamin C while providing better efficacy due to its unique hydrophilic-lipophilic structure. Astaxanthin, one of the few ingredients that can cross the blood-brain barrier and traverse both sides of the cell membrane, can provide comprehensive antioxidant effects from within. (Source: Foodaily)

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