The Anti-fatigue Business Has Once Again Nourished a Product Worth Billion Dollars

Apart from coffee, energy drinks that may appear ordinary have targeted the “tired and weary” group. With modest pricing and vitalizing effects, they’ve become a handy aid for blue-collar workers, giving birth to a billion-dollar product — Dongpeng Special Drink.

In 2023, the Dongpeng Special Drink series broke the billion-dollar sales threshold for the first time, earning a revenue of $1.63 billion and became a member of the billion-dollar product club. This product is the core business segment of Dongpeng Drinks, contributing to over 90% of their sales.

iResearch data indicated that in 2022, the biggest health concern for Chinese residents was “lack of energy, prone to fatigue”, accounting for over 50.2%. Unhealthy lifestyle habits they worry about include prolonged stress from work/life/study, among others. From 2020 to March 2024, the search index for fatigue consistently increased.

In the health and wellness industry, China domestically registered and approved 753 health food items in 2023. Among these, 106 were approved to relieve physical fatigue, a 211.76% rise compared to the 34 items last year. (Source: Ztbridge)

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