ELECTRO X Granule Completes a New Round of Financing

Sports drink brand ELECTRO X Granule has completed a new round of financing, with an undisclosed funding amount. The investment institutions involved include HongShan Sequoia Capital China. ELECTRO X Granule was established in 2021, and its first sports drink was officially launched in May 2021. The targeted customer base mainly focuses on those living an active lifestyle and urban white-collar workers.

The brand has now introduced China’s first “pH 8.8 natural soda water” and “essence-free electrolyte beverages.” The “essence-free electrolyte beverages” come in two series, SLIM and PLUS. SLIM is designed for sports enthusiasts who prefer zero sugar and zero-calorie beverages, added with L-carnitine. On the other hand, PLUS is enriched with imported German glycogen, glucose, along with natural fruit juice and tea extracts to help combat fatigue in sports scenarios. (Source: Foodtalks)

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