Leading Beverage Companies Spur a “Capacity Expansion Wave”

In the first quarter of 2024, leading beverage companies represented by Nongfu Spring, Master Kong, and Dongpeng Beverage have successively announced new investment projects, building new production bases to expand their capacity. In the future, the beverage and drinking water market is still expected to maintain growth.

iMedia Consultancy recently released the “2022-2023 Global and China Beverage Market Development Trend and Consumer Behavior Data Monitoring Report.” As it shows, with economic development, the increase in residents’ consumption level and the upgrade of consumption structure, China’s beverage industry has shown a good growth trend overall. In the future, as capacity continues to expand, the industry structure will be further improved and optimized.

The future of the Chinese beverage market still has broad prospects, with diversification in consumption scenarios, consumer end demand, and sales channels. The future beverage market will also have the potential to “cross cycles.” A senior industry analyst told Securities Daily reporters that, in the future, manufacturers should actively innovate, optimize channel layout, and win in a beverage market where consumer demands are constantly iterating and competition is becoming increasingly fierce. (Source: Securities Daily)

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