Six “Three-New Foods” Applications Accepted

On May 20 and 21, the National Health Commission accepted applications for six kinds of “three-new foods”. These include five new varieties of food additives: beta-glucosidase, lipase, lactose-N-tetrasaccharide, 2′-fucosyllactose, and glutaminase; plus one new food ingredient: Bacillus subtilis QK02. (Source: China National Health Commission)

No.Date of acceptanceAcceptance No.Product name
12024.5.20卫食新申字(2024) No.0010Bacillus subtilis QK02

Acceptance of new food additives

No.Date of acceptanceAcceptance No.Product name
12024.5.20卫食添新申字(2024) No. 00492’-Fucosyllactose
22024.5.20卫食添新申字(2024) No. 0048Glutamine transaminase
32024.5.21卫食添新申字(2024) No. 0052Β-glucosidase
42024.5.21卫食添新申字(2024) No. 0051Lipase
52024.5.21卫食添新申字(2024) No. 0050Lacto-N-tetraose
(Source: CIRS-Group)

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