By-Health’s Latest Research on ‘Sialic Acid & Probiotics Combination to Improve Early Life Health’ Published

Recently, the Nutritional Health Research Institute of By-Health, in collaboration with Dalian Medical University and Dalian Central Hospital, among others, published their latest research in the renowned international journal of gut health, Gut Microbes (IF:12.2). Based on animal studies and human clinical results, this research first discovered that the combination of sialic acid and probiotics can regulate the synthesis of sialylated human milk oligosaccharides (S-HMOs) in breast milk through the gut-breast axis, playing a positive role in the healthy development of neonatal gut microbiota and the enhancement of immune responses. These research findings provide important intervention strategies for promoting the development of gut microbiota and immune health in the early stages of life. (Source: China Food News Network)

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