Tmall Health: High Demand for Refined and High-Quality Products

Tmall Health’s statistics show that, in the past year, Tmall Health’s annual purchasing users reached nearly 300 million, with an average annual purchasing frequency of more than 5 times, achieving a transaction scale of RMB hundreds of billions of yuan (over USD $15 billion). There were 25 categories with a scale of RMB billions of yuan (over USD $150 million) growing at a rate of over 100%. In the past three years, Tmall Health has incubated ten tracks with a scale of RMB 5 billion yuan (USD $720 million), including colored contact lenses, blood glucose products, medical dressings, mugwort products, and fresh stewed instant bird’s nest. Tmall Health believes that there are new demands in the field of health consumption, such as family-oriented diagnosis and treatment, scientifically-nutritious diets, and snack-like nourishing products. (Source:

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