Jingdong Provided Health Gifts in CMG Spring Festival Gala

On this year’s CMG Spring Festival Gala, numerous viewers enjoyed the performance while trying their luck to win from the 100 million gifts provided exclusively by Jingdong. In total, Jingdong distributed a total of 24,139 health gifts, including Swisse effervescent vitamin tablets, and 10,420 units of Biostime probiotic powder. During this period, many users were attracted by the interactive gifts showcased by the CMG Gala. Orders for Swisse effervescent vitamin tablets increased by over 8 times year-on-year, and sales of Biostime probiotic powder grew 7 times year-on-year. Orders for Caltrate calcium tablets also increased by 125% year-on-year. During the Spring Festival, Jingdong Health remained open both online and offline, offering consumers Spring Festival-themed health products and health gift boxes, aiming to provide users with an enhanced shopping experience. (Source: jrj.com)

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